This unique equipment enables faster swimming at longer distances, also in extreme conditions.

Its natural environment are:

- fast-flowing rivers
- storm conditions
- swimming at night
- swimming between ice floes
- long-distance swimming
- other extreme conditions.

However, it was designed mainly to encourage people to give up lazy roasting on the beach and to look for fun in the water.
It is hard to overstate the influence of such a sport on our health. It activates the entire muscle-bone apparatus, affecting the joints and the spinal cord to a negligible extent. Usually, after the first forced swim already the functioning of our organism is improved. It also helps us to lose that extra bit of weight. In addition, direct and prolonged contact with water restores our nervous system and provides us with a positive energy.

We have many prototypes with different features. We are seeking a responsible, honest partner, having suitable funds, willing to start manufacture and to get involved in marketing and distribution.

powrót Sklolik